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CUTZ is a pre-cut software for PPF and window film, designed to maximize material efficiency, minimize installation time, and eliminate the risk of cutting into the paint.

Benefits of CUTZ are:

  • unlimited cuts with a single subscription and no hidden fees
  • easy-to-use interface
  • constantly growing pattern library

CUTZ is compatible only with Windows OS.


CUTZ offers patterns for:

  • vehicle bodies and windows
  • automobiles and motorcycles
  • both exterior and interior

CUTZ offers an extensive library of patterns. However, if you can’t find the specific pattern you need, please contact our support team, and they will promptly address your request, uploading it as soon as possible.


The CUTZ software identifies and initiates the plotter automatically. To set up your plotter and get it running smoothly, make sure the following is implemented:

  • Install the driver and restart the computer;
  • Use a USB cable;
  • For Graphtec, ensure that it is set to ‘auto’ for HPGL or GPGL. For Mimaki, set it to ‘remote mode.’

CUTZ is compatible with GRAPHTEC, Roland, Summa, GUNNER, GCC, Saga, Teneth, EASY CUT, Secabo, Mimaki plotters.

CUTZ does not have an option to adjust plotter settings (force and speed). You need to adjust the configuration in the plotter settings menu.


Your CUTZ account will be linked to the computer on which you registered the software, allowing its use exclusively on that particular computer.

The payment is processed through PayPal.

We offer monthly and yearly subscription plans, each with unlimited cuts. For customized plans, please contact us at hello@filmcutz.com.

You can cut an unlimited amount of film with your subscription, as long as it has not expired.

If you have requested a free trial or purchased a subscription, you should have received activation codes by email. Activate the codes in the software to get cut credits (on the software’s main page, navigate to the “Profile” section and click the “Redeem Gift Card” button).


The free trial provides full access to all CUTZ functionalities for 14 days and includes 45 square meters of cuts.

Each user can request only one free trial.

Please check your spam and junk email folders.

Looking for New Patterns,
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Explore the following options in how CUTZ! can help your business to grow. 

Request a Pattern

Didn't you find a pattern?

We take pattern quality very seriously.
Please contact our support team, and they will follow up with your request and upload it as soon as possible.

Request a Pattern

All of our patterns are tested thoroughly so you can have the perfect fit during installation. Our team will follow up on your request and update the pattern as needed.

Request a Pattern

Request Group Access

Are you a company that needs to handle multiple access to the pre-cut software?

We can provide you with special access and pricing for you and your team.

Group Access

Fill out the following form and tell us your needs. Our team will evaluate them and provide a solution tailored to you. 

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Request Free Access

We are looking to get to know your opinion on pre-cut delivery systems. 

To get free access to CUTZ! fill out the form to start the screening process. 

Unlimited Free Access

We are looking to hear from you and understand more about your pre-cut software needs. We always looking to improve to provide you with the best possible service. 

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Report a Miscut

We prioritize precision and accuracy of our patterns. However, occasional miscuts can occur due to various factors.

To uphold our commitment to excellence, we've streamlined the process for reporting any miscut patterns you may encounter.

Report a Miscut

Miscuts can occur due to various reasons:
1. Wrong selection of a pattern (year, trim level, etc.);
2. Installation fault;
3. Plotter deviations (due to blade issues, motor malfunctions, etc.);
4. Inaccuracy in the digital pattern (only one part of the pattern is inaccurate, but the rest is correct).

Only miscuts caused by inaccuracies in the digital pattern should be reported to CUTZ for remediation.

Report a Miscut

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1. Visit your Software Dashboard to download the software

2. GIft-codes and Activation-code can be found in your Software Dashboard

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