Report a Miscut Page

Did You Miscut a Pattern?

Your satisfaction is our priority, and your feedback drives our improvement. Together, we’ll ensure that every pattern meets the highest standards of precision and accuracy.

Before submitting a miscut report, please review the potential causes of miscuts:

  1. Wrong selection of a pattern (year,  trim level, etc.);
  2. Installation fault (e.g. stretching the film may result in the displacement of the logo and sensors);
  3. Plotter deviations (due to blade issues, motor malfunctions, mishandling by an installer, etc.);
  4. Inaccuracy in the digital pattern (only one part of the pattern is inaccurate, but the rest is correct).

Only miscuts caused by inaccuracies in the digital pattern are considered real miscuts and should be reported to CUTZ for remediation.

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